About Me

Welcome to art levandoski dot com where you can learn all about me! My goal is to provide an insight to my personal and professional life and give me a central place to share my thoughts.

art levandoski

This site is officially two years old!   I didn’t do quite as much writing in 2016 or 2017 as I’d hoped but I’ve received some nice reviews and the most traffic ever with my blog post Discovering the Magic of Tabletop Games.  I’d like to really expand on that for 2018 and write much more (at least once a month), we’ll see how it goes.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site, here’s what you’ll find.  The Blog is a place where you’ll find posts on all my areas of interest as well as my personal thoughts and experiences.  Professional is where you can find my resume and LinkedIn profiles as well as an outline of my career thus far and some interesting projects along the way.  2 Guys Tech was the name of my small business (which I closed in February of this year) and it’s this space where I will discuss what tech I use and recommend. Daytona24 has been my online persona since 2000 and became my video game persona in 2002 with the launch of Xbox Live.  It’s been that way ever since and will serve here as the place for video games both new and old here on the site.  Too Old to Grow Up! was launched as a podcast back in 2008 in which myself and a good friend talked about the good ole days as well as today’s toys, games, comics and pop culture.  Too Old to Grow Up! is no longer a podcast but it will live on in name on this site to discuss the same topics, long live Too Old to Grow Up! Finally Photography will be my portal for my photography passion both artistic and goofy.

In the end the site is me, who I am and who I’ve always been.  You have to enjoy your life and hobbies.  What you’ll see is what you get!