Like the Song Says, I’m Workin’ for a Livin’

We’re all pretty much Workin’ for a Livin’.  November and December have traditionally been my favorite months of the year.  Historically they are the two months jam packed with so much holiday fun and excitement it’s just too much.  One of these years I swear I’m going to learn to enjoy them, one of these years I’m going to finally not work entirely too much during them.  Just not this year.

Much like my old friend Huey Lewis these days I am workin’ for a livin’ and trying not to complain about it too much.  Still climbing out of the hole that one tends to get themselves in when quitting a job I’m still suffering the consequences.  One of my two jobs gives me decent health insurance for a decent price but I’m required to maintain an average of 30 hours a week during the year.  I recently found out that mostly through a fault of my own I wasn’t hitting that mark.  This little discovery meant that in order to get that average back up I would add 10 more hours to my work week, for those keeping tabs that means 40 hours at that job and 20 hours at my other job.  Merry Christmas.

The upside to the additional hours is of course additional pay, the downside to that is of course my family may forget who I am.  That is what’s been the focus of my concern lately hoping that this time is not becoming an issue with my kids.  Through my careful planning and the understanding of those making my schedules I have thus far been able to be there when it mattered most.  Actually being there when it mattered most probably got me in this low hour situation in the first place but so what right.  Despite the long hours I was there to trick or treat, will be at my daughters (really delayed) birthday party (her birthday was October 1st!) and we’re planning a little holiday getaway as well.

My hope is that things will change around the same time the calendar year does.  It certainly will lessen no matter what come the first week of January.  I just don’t want to continue on my current path for too long which is difficult because generally I like the path for the most part.

Yet with a new year will certainly come new changes and challenges.  Hopefully most will be on the positive side.  I just celebrated one year with one of my jobs and in January I’ll celebrate a year in the other.  Overall I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made in many different areas of my life in that past year.  I often still have nightmares of being in jobs I don’t want and hope that I will be able to stop them from ever coming true in the future.

Maybe November and December 2016 will be different but there is still a focus on how to get through November and December 2015.  The focus will have to stay on making sure each one of those moments counts and everything in between is enjoyed.  There will still be plenty of time to have fun while I’m workin’ for a livin’.