Waiting a Little Longer for Time with my Apple Watch.

Yesterday I finally received my Apple Watch.  The Apple Watch went on sale on April 24th of this year but at the time I wasn’t able to purchase one.  Lucky for me June 13th was my birthday and I was celebrating a “milestone” birthday of the forty kind so I hinted for an Apple Watch.  On June 13th I got… a piece of paper with a picture of an Apple Watch and the promise that a few days later it would arrive.

A few short days later on June 16th it did arrive.  The day was a busy work day for me so of course it’s the one day that UPS actually delivered my package at a reasonable time, but alas I had to wait till the end of the day to check it out.  About 8:30 pm on June 16th I finally opened up the very heavy and long UPS box and unboxed my brand new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch      apple watch

I made the decision to go with the 42mm Sport version because the size seemed right and so did the price, even if it was a gift I wasn’t sure I wanted to be wearing the first version of a $700 plus watch.  After unboxing the watch and getting it on my wrist I was pleasantly surprised at how good it felt and how easy it was to set up but for the first time in a long time I realized this was tech with a little bit of a learning curve to it.  Lucky for me that’s the fun part and I spent the rest of the night fiddling around with it and learning the ropes.

This morning I had the watch wake me up, thanks to a Siri instructed wake up time and the alarm was adequate to get me out of bed.  I used the watch to set my home alarm upon leaving for work and then I did some quick research at work to make sure my dress shirt wasn’t going to scratch the watch.

After doing a little research and not liking what I read I quickly jumped to amazon.com and ordered up a screen protector and a small case for my watch.  Then I walked around work so cautiously for the next few hours waiting to get home to take it off.

Now I’m waiting till Friday to get my screen protectors on and start wearing my brand new watch.  I know I can’t protect my new watch from all the dangers of the world but if I can offer a little bit of protection from the little scratches and dings I’m going to do that.

All in all though I’m very excited to be a brand new owner of an Apple Watch and look forward to using it day in and day out.

I’m sure much the same way the iPad was initially just a “big iPhone” that became so much more, the watch will do the same very soon.  It’s a very exciting time for technology and it’s great to be there in the beginning!