The 12 Completions in 12 Months Video Game Challenge

Video Game ChallengeIt’s a brand new year and rather than set some tired old “exercise more, eat better” resolution I’m setting a video game challenge.  Much like a lot of gamers I have a tendency to purchase games and then purchase other games before getting to the end of the previous ones.  I have an enormous Steam library (that I’m very proud of) and loads of Xbox games (thanks to Games with Gold) but I rarely check off that “Finished” box.  Last year I set a goal with Goodreads to read six books during the year, it got me back into reading and I completed it. I completed it under the wire, but completed it.  This year I’m setting that reading goal again, but had to add something a bit more fun as well.

Twelve games in twelve months shouldn’t be that hard, right?  I’ll admit I cheated on a few, some of them are already in progress and some may even be half complete.  I’m starting the year out with a new game and ending with a few that should have been finished long ago. Hopefully during the year I’ll even get a head start on next years batch of games.  So which games did I choose, why did I choose them and in what order will I play them?  Read on to find out.

The Video Game Challenge Begins!

I’ll get the video game challenge started in January with Gears of War 4 on the Xbox One.  I purchased Gears of War 4 during the Xbox Thanksgiving sale and it’s a game my online group is playing multiplayer right now as well.  This one needs to be completed because it’s part of a series of games I can actually say I’ve completed all of up to this point.  I really enjoy the Gears of War series.

February is my first cheat game as I plan to complete Yoshi’s Woolly World on the WiiU.  I’ve already made some good progress on this one and I’ll admit I’m playing it on casual mode.  It’s a great game though, lots of variety in the levels and puzzles and just fun to relax and play.  Might even pick up the 3DS game that’s coming out in February especially for the amiibo.

I’ll stay with the WiiU in March and try to work my way through the first of two Donkey Kong games in this challenge.  Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze will be a little tougher than Yoshi’s Woolly World but I’m hoping to get through it.  The first Donkey Kong Country game for the SNES is still one of my all time favorite games!

April and May get me back to the Xbox One.  I bought Rise of the Tomb Raider and Batman Arkham Knight during a sale last year and have yet to play them.  The Tomb Raider revamp was the game I played through when I first got my gaming PC and I loved it and I’ve played through all the other Batman games.  So it’s Rise in April and Knight in May.

Lots of Variety in the Second Half of the Year!

My gaming PC will get some play time in June and July as I retreat to the toy room to start the second half of the video game challenge.  June will get me back into Far Cry 3 which I’m about half way through and July will take me as far back into my gaming catalog as this challenge will go as I look to finish the original Half Life.

While I will be spending a bit of time with the Xbox One in the challenge I will head back to the Xbox 360 to play the rest of GTA V in August.  I played through about half of it and spent the last two years contemplating getting it for the PC or the Xbox One. Alas I never did, but it’s time to complete one of the best GTA games yet.  As a side note I did complete GTA 3 and Vice City!

Video Game ChallengeAs I head into the fall it’s back to the Xbox One to finish the first game I bought for it, Lego Marvel Super Heroes in September then in October the game I’m most dreading which is Sniper Elite 3, I just have to get through it.  November will see me tackle the second Donkey Kong game this time on the 3DS with Donkey Kong Country Returns.  I’m actually a good bit into this one and it’ll be a nice change of pace to get away from the consoles and play on the portable for a while.

Finally I will end the year with South Park The Stick of Truth on PC, although I’m hoping maybe this one lands on Games with Gold to promote the new game and I get to play it on Xbox One.  The original December game was going to be the Telltale Games Back to the Future series on PC.

It will be a miracle if I’m able to get through all these games in this video game challenge and indeed will be a huge success if I complete it.  Especially since I just got a PS4 and am DYING to get into the Uncharted series and not to mention the Switch comes out in March!

It’s going to be a fun gaming year, now I’m off to get started playing!