Too Old to Grow Up!

Too Old to Grow UpWhen I started developing this website the biggest thing that stood out to me is that it’s been 8 years since the first podcast episode of Too Old to Grow Up!  Too Old to Grow Up! was one of the coolest names I’ve managed to come up with over the years and it helped launch a fantastic podcast that has many episodes that still mean something even today, because we often talked about the past.  So it’s perfect here to keep that alive in a way that it represents so much of my history with my collectibles.  Some people collect art or sports memorabilia, I collect toys.  Many of the toys in my collection are the actual toys that I played with as a kid, some of them are new collectibles and some were repurchased with nostalgia.  I also collect many other things like video games, movies and comic books.  These days I don’t collect as much and my purchases have slowed way down but the collection that I have is so much fun to enjoy.

amiibo DisplayToo Old to Grow Up

I’ll always be a big kid at heart.  I enjoy reading fiction books, watching comic book movies and TV shows and visiting Comics on the Green for new comic books.  It’s all just a part of being Too Old to Grow Up!

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