The Magic of Enjoying Disney Movies Anywhere

Last week I sent out a tweet about how great a service Disney Movies Anywhere is.  As with most Disney products and services they have found a way to make your movies enjoyable and easy to watch just about anywhere you want to watch them.  Most importantly they have made it an almost magical experience to make that happen.

Disney Movies AnywhereDisney Movies Anywhere was launched in 2014 as a digital movie locker for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars-branded films. The services allows for the storage of digital movie rights via purchases from providers such as iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Microsoft, and It is powered by a proprietary digital rights system called KeyChest.

When Disney Movies Anywhere was first announced I saw it as an unneeded competitor to Ultraviolet. Almost immediately I envisioned this new Disney service which would take all your digital streaming Disney movies and place them into a proprietary system that no one supported.  With Ultraviolet hitting the mainstream you were finally able to watch all your digital movies in apps like Flixster and Vudu and these were supported on many of the larger systems such as Xbox 360, PS3 and many DVD and Blu-ray players at the time.

What Disney Movies Anywhere would become was something even better than what Ultraviolet provides.  Disney removed all the barriers to enjoying the Disney movies you love.

You start with signing up for an account at Disney Movies Anywhere. Follow that up by downloading the iTunes or Android app.  Once you’ve set up your account you can open up the app, sign in and start linking your other accounts such as your iTunes, Google Play, VUDU, Microsoft and Amazon Video accounts.  I’m not sure if they still provide them but at one point linking these accounts often got you a FREE Disney movie!  After linking my accounts I had added Wreck it Ralph, The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. to my Disney Movies Anywhere account.  When linking these accounts Disney will determine if you already own digital versions of Disney movies from any of these accounts previously and will add them to your Disney Anywhere account.

The Good DinosaurThe best part of this system is how you add a movie to your account.  After purchasing a movie with a Digital Copy Code (such as The Good Dinosaur) you simply open up your Disney Anywhere app, enter in your Digital Copy Code and the movie is added.  One it’s added it will immediately show up in your Disney Anywhere account and any other accounts you have linked.  For me that means I can watch it in iTunes, Google Play, Vudu or on my Windows 10 or Xbox in Microsoft Video.  Comparing that to most of the other digital codes you get from other movies it’s a breeze.  After years of entering digital Ultraviolet codes it can still be clumsy to set up accounts with multiple studios. Disney has simplified this process beyond easy.

You will come across some limitations.  If you happen to use one of the lesser know or used digital streaming services such as Flixster or CinemaNow among others like blinkbox, Cineplex Entertainment, JB Hi-Fi, Nook Video, M-GO, Verizon FIOS On Demand, and Nolim Films you won’t be able to link your account.  If you happen to share your Vudu account with family or friends through their sharing service your Disney movies will not show up in those shared libraries.

Disney needs to be applauded for this service for the ease of use and customer friendly account linking.  Disney knows that people use all different types of services and they need to let people use their content when and how they want to use it.  I don’t buy many movies anymore but truth be told the ones I am buying are usually Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars so I’ll be getting a lot of use out of my Disney Movies Anywhere.

Thanks for making my movies magical Disney!