Super Mario Maker: Shipwrecked!

Super Mario MakerSuper Mario Maker has been quite a surprise game thus far.  We have been playing the Mario side scrolling games since Super Mario Bros was released in 1985!  It’s crazy that it has taken this long for this game to be made.  Although hackers have been doing this for a long time, everyone can now enjoy making Super Mario levels.

One of my favorite Super Mario Maker levels I’ve built so far! Shipwrecked finds Mario stumbling upon a sunken ship.  This ship isn’t abandoned though!  There is treasure to be collected but the guns are still firing and the mines that sunk the ship are still active!  It’s guarded by aquatic life now and it’ll be a challenge to get to the end!

Can you collect the treasure and get home safely?

Enter this code in Super Mario Maker: 8DE1-0000-0179-528A

It’s kind of ironic that this has become my favorite level thus far since I have never been a fan of the underwater Mario levels, in fact I’ve never been a fan of any video game underwater level.  However this level was the first time where I really worked the level design aesthetic into the actual level design.  Creating the ship as the primary challenge then working in the dangers really taught me a lot about how to make a better level.

One thing that I had been noticing in my level designs is that I began designing most of my level around being a small Mario rather than giving the player a mushroom early on.  This level is still mostly designed around being small but the player is able to get that mushroom now.  Although obtaining the mushroom may make things harder it does offer the player a slight advantage if even for a short time.

Let me know your thoughts on Shipwrecked! in the comments below.

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