art levandoskiMy Linkedin profile and resume read: Dedicated, responsible and hardworking individual with an extensive background of special events organization, community partnerships and marketing. Technology driven with an understanding and comfort level with a diverse selection of social media, computer hardware and software and photography skills.  In 2015 I began focusing on social media and achieved my Social Media Certification through Hootsuite.  You can check out my complete Linkedin profile or continue reading to get the whole story.




I have been working for as long as I can remember.  I started my career young when I got my first real job as a paperboy.  When I started I was in charge of delivering the evening paper and the Sunday paper, that was a long time ago.  That job taught me the responsibility of having a job and the anguish of getting up very early on Sunday morning.

Eventually I would need a job that paid a little more than the paper route, I think it was around age 14 or 15 when I started working at the IGA grocery store, IGA would later become Mr. Zs.  I was able to get a job at that age back then but I was still young so my job duties were little, I was a cart boy and a bag boy.  I would stay at that job for many years, it was a pretty good place to work, and would work in most departments before leaving.  I never worked as a cashier but worked as a stock boy and in the dairy, frozen and produce departments.  I learned the most in the produce department and I feel that’s when I really learned the value of assisting a great manager.  I worked there until I went away to college finishing up working in the produce department and 3rd shift stock.  Those were great days working with some really cool people.

When I went away to college upon returning for summers and winter breaks I would change jobs and begin working in banking and First National Community Bank.  I worked with some really nice people that taught me a lot about banking but I was never more than a teller.  Working at First National Community Bank as a teller wouldn’t become my favorite job ever (and I honestly still get flashbacks when I go to a bank to this day) but it would be a great transition job to my career.

I graduated from Penn State in 1998 and after one last summer at First National Community Bank I was hired at The Mall at Steamtown in Scranton PA. I would eventually work there for 13 years.  Working at The Mall at Steamtown for as long as I did allowed me to work doing all the jobs I enjoyed.  It was a big job in a smaller organization which allowed a lot of flexibility to do things I probably would not have had the opportunity to do elsewhere.  I would start as the Marketing Assistant and would later become the Marketing Coordinator.  In 2003 I passed the ICSC exam to become a Certified Marketing Director and was promoted to Director of Marketing at The Mall at Steamtown.  I took that exam in Las Vegas, thankfully taking the exam at the start of the week!

One of the greatest projects I was able to accomplish while at The Mall at Steamtown was the production of our very own holiday special titled The Magic of Christmas Starring Seymour the Frog! Seymour the Frog was created by myself and my assistant at the time and over the years we created a children’s story book and a coloring book as well as a few live productions.  Writing and directing the video was so much fun.  Today Seymour now resides as home with me!

In 2012, while still working at The Mall at Steamtown,  I finally started 2 Guys Tech.  2 Guys Tech was stated in order to help people who were struggling with technology a personal and affordable service.  2 Guys Tech continued as a small side business for 4 years with a focus on helping people with their problems in a variety of tech situations. As of February 2016 I decided to close 2 Guys Tech.  Having returned to working full time and taking on additional responsibility at North Scranton it made making time to plan jobs in the evenings and weekends difficult.  Not being able to provide optimal service and scheduling I decided it was time to close shop, closing as a successful business seemed like the right decision.

After taking part in numerous major special events, starting the social media accounts for the mall and spending a year working in New Business Development an opportunity to leave the mall was presented in 2012.  Ironically that opportunity took me to my competition for the past 13 years when I went to work for PREIT taking on Specialty Leasing for Viewmont and Wyoming Valley malls.  I felt that when making this transition I could take the skills I was working at The Mall at Steamtown to make new deals to a larger organization and the largest company I would ever have worked for.  After about a year and a half of success I began to miss doing what I had done for 13 years and felt it was time to start making a change.

That change was well documented in one of my most personal blog posts titled You Get One, How Leaving my Job Changed My Life.

In November 2015 I got back to work in retail working at Boscov’s Department store in Scranton, PA in the men’s suits department.  That job taught me a lot about working with people and how to treat customer service but also how to treat people in other areas of customer service.  Although I only would work the job for about a year before moving on to a full time position at my next job the tools that I learned during my time in retail would be lessons I would continue to use in my next job and more importantly in my everyday life.

In January of 2015 I started working part time for Jewish Family Service in Scranton, PA for a new position as Coordinator of Marketing and Development.  In January of 2016 that position went full time.  I haven’t enjoyed working somewhere as much as I do today since my early days at The Mall at Steamtown.  Jewish Family Service is in a position where prior to my joining the organization they had started to grow, and now I’m in a position to help them grow further.

This past year I had the wonderful privilege of putting together our 2018 Community Matters video spotlighting the people and stories of JFS.  I am very proud of our video  If You Need Someone to Talk to, We’re Here to Listen

Today along with working at JFS I enjoy working as an assistant coach for my son’s baseball teams.  Volunteering at North Scranton has been a great experience so far and I’ve had the great opportunity to learn and grow working with a great group of diverse coaches and volunteers over the past four years.  In 2016 I became part of the North Scranton Little League Board of Directors and assumed the position of Information Officer.  I’m proud to have built a great web site for the league as well as a strong social media presence on Facebook.

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