YouTube Videos

In 2007 while working at The Mall at Steamtown we had a thought to do something very different for our holiday giveaway and rather than purchase a pre-made story or coloring book myself and my assistant at the time came up with the character and story of Seymour the Frog and the Greatest Gift of All.  The story book was such a success we followed up the next year with a coloring book but in 2009 we took it to the next level by writing, directing and producing our very own holiday special DVD The Magic of Christmas.  Along with some great media partners we put together this 22 minute holiday special and finally brought Seymour the Frog to life for children of all ages to enjoy!

In 2015 I began working at JFSNEPA, during my first few months we planned an event to thank our volunteers.  We wanted to so something special for them spotlighting what they have meant to JFS.  The video below started out in concept as a 5 minute video.  It took on a life of it’s own as we started talking to people and developed into the Strength to Strength “film” as I call it now.