Lilly of Light

Everyone wants to be good at photography. My entry into the world of photography was a Nikon D40.  My son was born in 2006, so I purchased the D40.  More recently I upgraded to the Nikon D5200 and a slew of new lenses.

Every photographer has his tool bag, mine happens to be an Amazon Basics Backpack .  This bag happens to be the best bag in the world for a casual photographer like me.  It was inexpensive, it’s durable and it was super cheap! So what else is in that bag?

What I Use

Although I don’t prefer to use it anymore, I still carry along the D40.  Having the D40 in my bag is good for times when I need to switch lenses frequently.  With two cameras in the bag each with a different lens it not only cuts down on transition time. Two cameras also lessens the possibility of getting dirt and debris on the lens.  Along with my D40 I always carry my new go to camera the Nikon D5100.  The D5100 has taken my love of photography to the next level, such a great upgrade from the D40 for an amateur photographer like me!

Along with the camera I have collected a few Nikon lenses over the years.  I carry both 18-55 mm lenses that came with both the D40 and D5100. They tend to stay on their respective cameras most of the time.  My first additional lens was the 55-200 mm 1:4-5.6 G ED Nikon lens which I still use for my long shots.  I’ve considered purchasing a 55-300 mm lens but haven’t really felt the need just yet.  Additionally I’ve picked up a 35 mm lens and a 40 mm macro lens which I use from time to time for specific shots.  All my lenses are protected with UV lens caps to keep dust and scratches off the actual lenses.

Camera Bag Extras

Although two great Nikon cameras are in the bag sometimes you want something small and handy for simple shots.  For those times I don’t feel like taking along extra luggage I go to my trusty Canon Powershot SD1100 IS.  I recently upgraded to the iPhone 7 plus with it’s dual camera setup and I must say I am absolutely loving it.  The iPhone has really become my go to camera, especially when it comes to social media.

When I need a tripod I use my Sunpack Ultra 700TM or my Dynex DX-SW040 monopod, I recently picked up a SELFIE stick to throw in my bag, don’t judge me.  Finally the handy Nikon ML-L3 remote comes in handy when the camera can’t be in my hands.

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Photography Spotlight

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Adventure Aquarium, Bird

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