NVIDIA SHIELD Updated to Andrioid 5.1

The NVIDIA Shield handheld is now able to be updated to the latest version of Android Lollipop 5.1.  This is an optional update for the handheld and users should be aware that although you’ll get the latest version of the OS you will lose the ability to Miracast, the games Sonic 4: Episode II and Expendable: Rearmed and the original Android browser.  The only real downside here is losing Sonic 4 is you’re a Sonic gaming fan.

Upon updating you’ll get all the new features of Android 5.1 including Chromecast ability.  It’s nice to see that the Shield is getting the update and is still a device that NVIDIA is supporting as they move to their new devices.

For those who chose to update the process downloaded about a 500MB file and took less than a half hour all together from download to finalizing the process.

If you’re still using your Shield device the update is worth doing.