Five features the Nintendo Switch must include to be Successful!

Nintendo SwitchIn case you didn’t realize Nintendo has a new system called Nintendo Switch that’s getting ready to launch in about 4 months.  So far all we know about this new system is it’s name and how Nintendo envisions it being used from the Switch Reveal Trailer.  The Nintendo Switch will release around March and no doubt will sell like crazy.   The hope however is that Nintendo has learned from their past mistakes as well as others success.  We won’t find out more details until January but here’s what the Nintendo Switch needs to be a success.

Unified Nintendo Account

Daytona24Nintendo recently disbanded it’s old rewards system and in turn made everyone create a new Nintendo Account.  This new account is supposed to be groundwork for Nintendo’s future.  Hopefully the goal with this new Nintendo Account will be to unify all your games and information to your account and no longer to the purchased system.  The big N needs to realize that we are not all pirates and stop making us constantly walk the plank.  The idea of having any digital purchases tied to the Switch makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.  When I make a purchase on my account it’s mine forever, let anyone else that also has an account on the system play those games as well, just like Xbox and Playstation.  If you want to go further, give us family accounts so anyone in our gaming family can play purchases on up to X number of Switch systems at a time.  Just whatever you do, don’t tie my game downloads to the Nintendo Switch I bought at the store!

Online Game Store and Same Day Releases

Xbox and Playstation now have full online game stores that match every retail game found in stores (and then some).  The Nintendo Switch MUST have a full featured online game store.  If you need to, reread the first feature, because all these online game purchases will be tied to that account.  I no longer go to the store to buy my video games, I prefer to buy them right off the store built into the system.  For that fact Nintendo I’m not trading my games in so you’re not losing any money on re sold games.  When the new Zelda comes out I want to buy it in my pajamas at home or better yet have already pre ordered it and pre installed it on my  system.  Game cards are fine, but let’s give a full option for people who want to buy only digital.

Game Library for Downloaded Games

Since the Switch is a mobile device as well as a home device I don’t expect it to come with a hard drive to hold all my games.  I also don’t expect to have to carry an external device to carry my games either.  One thing I also don’t want to have to do is lug around a bunch of little game cards either (too easily lost).  On the Xbox One I have all my digital games easily accessible.  The hope is that the Switch will have a pretty large SSD drive but then also show you your purchased games which you’ll be able to download, delete and re download to your hearts content.  Again this goes back to having a unified account where all these purchases are stored and then a nice Game Store to buy them from.  When I look at my game library on the Nintendo Switch it should show me all my games in one place and just indicate which ones are on the system and which ones need to be downloaded.

Real Online

When I created my Nintendo Account I created a user ID that looks much like my Xbox Live account name.  Nintendo needs real online this time around, no friend codes, no game separation, just a complete full featured online system like Xbox Live and Playstation Network.  This should include the ability to easily find and friend people by actual name or nickname, voice chat, always on social features, ability to send game invites, Twitch integration and even Twitter and Facebook integration.  I understand Nintendo has always been about getting together in front of the TV and the Switch commercial shows friends getting together around the system at parties and connecting them together out and about and this is great.  However most of the time we’re playing alone at home and we want to be online.  Even though I rarely play online I love knowing my friends are online while I’m watching TV on my Xbox One.  Want to hook me even more, add achievements to all your games as well.

Nintendo Switch Subscription Service

Does the thought of buying Super Mario Bros yet again bother you, yeah me too.  Xbox Live charges you $60 a year to play online then they give you 4 FREE games a month to play and keep!  Nintendo needs to follow suit.  Charge us $60 a year or $10 a month but give us FREE games that we’ve already paid for probably 4 or 5 times already anyway.  Think about it, full access to ALL the NES and SNES classics in a Netflix type library and then maybe a FREE N64 or Gamecube game twice a month, throw in a recent release here or there and you’ve got happy customers.  It’s time for Nintendo to stop milking their customers over and over and start rewarding them for sticking around.  Nintendo has the biggest classic games and classic characters that we love to enjoy so let us start enjoying them.  If you want to stop people from pirating and using emulation then stop charging $5 for Super Mario Bros every time we buy a new system.

Additional Switch Features

Let’s face it, we can’t always be with our Switch but we’ve always got our phones.  The Switch needs a Nintendo Mobile app as well.  This is a long shot because it mostly counts on everything above but much like the Xbox Live mobile app give us a way to keep in touch while we’re away.  They’ve actually already got an app in Miitomo that they could probably stretch out to make more social and add features like buying games etc.

amiiboProbably the coolest thing Nintendo has done in awhile has been to create this amiibo line, don’t drop it.  The Switch must include amiibo support.  All your old amiibos should continue to be supported with the Switch and work with new games as well as old.  This one seems like a no brainier because it’s a money maker for Nintendo already.  I got into the amiibo game late so I’m ready to keep buying them now.

Maybe this Time Nintendo WILL Switch

Overall it seems Nintendo does want to switch the way they do things, but as much as they go forward they often fall back too.  Recently Super Mario Maker for the WiiU hit all the right marks with a great game and great online sharing, but then when they released the 3DS version they removed all that was great about the online sharing.  Does Nintendo really believe that that many people carry their 3DS around and share levels?  Why weren’t the WiiU and 3DS versions linked online?  Then there is the recent announcement of the Super Mario game for iOS.  Finally a real Nintendo game on mobile and it’s Mario, but it’s also $9.99 and needs an always on connection?  I’m not concerned about price and I don’t care about DRM but if my kid wants to play it in the car on the phone that doesn’t have a data plan?  I also realize that some of these features are features Nintendo already has, but that doesn’t mean they won’t remove them going forward.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Switch launch without digital games store for example.

I look forward to Nintendo’s details on the Switch when they are announced this January and I look forward to preordering one on Amazon shortly thereafter, I just hope that someone thought about the features above and made sure to include them in this newest addition to the Nintendo lineup.