Oscar! Meet the Newest Addition to the Fishbowl Community!

I couldn’t wait any longer and last week I decided to go ahead and get my new Oscar.

I took a ride up to Petsmart and stood and looked into the Oscar tanks they had there to see what I might like.  They had some nice albino Oscars but ultimately I knew I wanted a tiger Oscar.  There were three in a tank that were a bit larger size (I didn’t want a baby) and one caught my eye so I called the Petsmart girl over to the tank and said “I’ll take that one!”.  Not content with buying just one fish I was looking to get a pleco as well, they did not have any plecos in stock but the girl pointed out the pictus catfish and I agreed, two new tank mates for my silver dollars.

Upon arriving home my goal was to get the fish in with as little water from the pet store as possible.  I have to admit I don’t really “acclimate” the fish much, at some point you have to determine what’s less stressful just putting them in or keeping them in the bag longer.  The temps were about the same as the pet store since I don’t yet have a heater in the tank hovering around 74.  I’ll be getting that temp up a bit soon when I purchase my new heater.

Obviously I was worried about the Oscar being too aggressive towards the silver dollars in the tank but it was the silver dollars or just one silver dollar that began testing the Oscar upon putting them all in the tank.  I figure now that it was more the silver dollar not quite knowing what the Oscar was or what was going on since they’d been alone for so long as things have calmed down now.

I have since gone back and purchased a pleco so now I have my Oscar, the pictus catfish, 2 silver dollars and the pleco living in the 55 gallon tank.  Since adding the new fish feedings have increased to morning and night, the silver dollars are probably thinking whatever these new things are they brought lots of food with them.  I am currently planning to add the Aqueon Pro Heater Submersible Aquarium Heater, 150-Watt and 2 Aqueon QuietFlow 55/75 Power Filter.  The plan is to add one of the QuietFlows and once that one matures I’ll remove the current filter which is a Penguin Bio-Wheel 350.  Of course with all the new fish and food water changes will once again become a more regular occurrence.

It’s great to have some more fish and I look forward to raising another Oscar, hopefully to full size and for many years this time.  Here is a little video I made the day after they were added.  Up to this point the Oscar was a bit shy, but I fed them the next day and I went from scary thing outside the tank to thing that puts food in the tank!  Enjoy!