Joining a Niche Market – Dad’s Broadcasting on Twitch

I’m pretty late to the game with this and although I’ve sort of tried it before this past week I dove headfirst into Twitch broadcasting.  Twitch is fun especially for those of us who like to watch, either from the fact that we can’t really play anymore or it brings back memories of watching our friends play as we all took turns playing a NES on that old tube TV.  On Twitch at this point though I’m a small fish in a very big pond with some very popular broadcasters but I’m mainly doing this for fun, less profit.  It’s all about having fun though and it’s also got me playing games a little more, which is something I’ve always enjoyed but recently haven’t had as much time.  Plus how many Dad’s can be broadcasting on Twtich!

This past week I spent time getting my profile page in order and figuring out what it was that I wanted to broadcast. As I have begun to “re brand” myself on social media I have begun to lose the Daytona24 online persona I’ve been using since my first MSN email address and later Xbox Live but on Twitch it’s back to being my persona front and center. Looking at my profile page though I may need to take another photo of myself since the tie doesn’t really scream gamer.

When I built my gaming PC about two years ago I put in an Nvidia GeForce 770 graphics card and started using the Nvidia GeForce Experience software.  While initially investigating streaming services and software I realized that the Nvidia software included Shadowplay which not only allows the recording of game play video but also easy broadcasting to Twitch!


Last night I learned how to use Shadowplay’s broadcast desktop feature to broadcast games which allows me to broadcast two things I’ve really wanted to test: the ability to stream games from my classic arcade and console game software and the ability to create Windows instructional videos for 2 Guys Tech.  This feature was the one thing that got me really excited about using this going forward both for streaming and creating videos for YouTube, especially YouTube’s upcoming YouTube Gaming.

Looking at what you can expect from me going forward as I continue to use and fine tune my Twitch broadcasting you can get a good glimpse by checking out my YouTube page.  There you will find things like last nights Retro Arcade! and the Let’s Quest Warcraft videos I have done.  Something that’s not yet there which I hope to do soon is a Dad vs. Son series where I can get my son involved in playing some co-op and competitive games on the Xbox One which of course also offers Twitch broadcasting.

The final piece to getting this puzzle looking the right way will be to finally get a webcam for my gaming PC.  I understand getting it to look the right way may be the wrong way to say that since I myself can only look so good.  It seems though that you can’t really be taken serious as a gaming streamer if you’re not willing to show yourself streaming.  Although I also thought I bought a pretty good headset when I build my PC it seems that too may also need a future upgrade, but one thing at a time.  The webcam I am planning to purchase is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, and let’s be honest by the time you’re reading this I probably already ordered it.

Broadcasting is fun, it’s addictive, and it’s something I look forward to doing more now.  My plan as it is right now is to at least set a schedule to broadcast Saturday nights at 10 p.m. est.  That at least gives me a planned window I feel that I can maintain.  Of course I’ll be broadcasting on and off throughout the week, especially as I do more test broadcasts, the best ones of course which will be posted to YouTube afterwards (since Twitch does not archive).

I do have a lot to still learn about broadcasting the right way but if you’re interested in keeping up with me I’d appreciate a follow on Twitch and YouTube if you wouldn’t mind.  One of the things that as a Dad and casual gamer that bothers me about most broadcasters is language.  Why everyone that broadcasts feels the need to drop F Bombs and use vulgar language is beyond me, so my pledge is as I get more comfortable speaking and commenting that I will always keep it G rated, ok PG … PG-13 at worst.