Charting my Championship Season Repeat in Fantasy Football!

If there are two things for me that go together like peanut butter and jelly it’s fall and football season!  As I write this we are a mere 4 days away from the 2015 Fantasy Football draft, an important draft because I enter as defending champion!

Our league has been together since 2009 and in that time over the course of 6 years there has been 6 champions.  No one has even come close to repeating as champ.  The average follow up year finish currently sits at 7th place, something I’d really like to change this year.  I have my work cut out for me though because there are still 4 teams that would really like to have their name on that banner.

Of course every year about this time there are other things happening.  The annual call to DirecTv to see what kind of discount I’ll get on the Sunday Ticket this year is always a favorite of mine.  The call to DirecTv is usually followed up by various calls and texts from friends offering what kind of discount they got making you feel like the discount that you got is no longer any good.  DirecTv also hold that dam upgrade package over your head with the Red Zone channel and the ability to use the apps on your portable devices, dam them they know all too well.  That’s the problem too, outside of watching The Bears play I usually end up watching the Red Zone channel the rest of the afternoon.  Like I said, dam them!

Fantasy FootballAnother favorite past time this time of year is HBO’s Hard Knocks Training Camp, this year with the Houston Texans.  The year that they didn’t have the show when the NFL was holding out was terrible, it was like a big part of the season was missed.  This year I was curious why they picked the Texans, heck I’m curious why they always pick who they pick, and after watching I’m still a little curious.  The problem with the Texans is that outside of Bill O’ Brian’s HBO approved foul mouth there are really no stories coming out of this camp.  Over the course of the few weeks the show is on you usually are pulling (or not pulling) for a few player to make the team, not so much this year.

The bonus this season was HBO’s newest show Ballers with Dwayne Johnson adding a little bonus football ahead of Hard Knocks’ premiere.  Ballers was a pretty good show with a short first season but I look forward to it coming back next season again.

So soon I’ll be camping on the couch come Sunday afternoon, Sunday Night and returning Monday evening and sometimes Thursday evening (because NFL Network broadcasts are finally not terrible anymore).  Joining me will usually be my iPad although I’m looking forward to seeing how the Sunday Ticket integrates with the Xbox One this season.  But before all that there is one thing that must be handled.

I have four days to finish cramming and prepping for the 2015 draft, we do it live and all together in the same room on a Sunday afternoon so if you make a bad move you get 9 other people immediately laughing in your face.  Last season was a dream season for me and even my wife who came in 2nd place.  Soon the banner will be raised with my team name on it and soon the anger and frustration of bad luck and an annoying fantasy football season will be upon us.

Yep, wouldn’t have a the fall season be anything less!

Good luck to everyone with their 2015 Fantasy Football teams (unless of course you’re in my league!).