Apple TV: Is it Finally Time for Apple’s Hobby to Shine?

No one knows how to promote an upcoming event like Apple and as we get closer to September 9th all the hype seems to be surrounding the Apple TV.  What was once Apple’s “hobby” may soon become their latest big innovation.

Long ago the Apple TV was called iTV, came with up to a 160GB hard drive and used a modified version of the now long forgotten Front Row software.  Apple TV got a little better in 2010 when it got smaller and relied mostly on a Mac or PC running iTunes to stream media from that Mac or PC and got even better later when  Apple began allowing media from your collection to be streamed directly from the cloud.

Although lately the Apple TV has started to get behind all the other Apple devices.  Probably one of the biggest missing elements is a dedicated app store.  Newer versions of the OS have begun adding many of the most popular streaming services and other popular apps like Flickr and the Weather Channel and YouTube but nothing off the mainstream path.  No app store means primarily no games, something that Amazon and Google do offer and that can’t be sitting well with Apple.  Apple did allow mirroring your iOS device to the Apple TV but odd screen resolutions and lag pretty much meant that nothing really ever worked well.

The other big missing component is of course Siri.  The remote app for iOS does manage to control the Apple TV nicely and being able to browse and select stuff to watch is nice but as Siri gets more powerful and finally becomes something people actually use it needs to be front and center on the Apple TV.  This becomes even more important now that Cortana has shown up on Windows 10 and will soon be available on Xbox One.  If we’re going to be talking to our TVs you better believe Apple wants us talking to their AI not Microsoft’s.

The New Apple TVThe biggest question is with the new Apple TV will Apple be able to offer a cord cutter solution.  This is the one thing that is out of Apple’s hands the most as they will need to rely on cutting deals with the major networks and broadcasters and service providers that generally don’t like cutting these kinds of deals.  If anyone can make it happen though it’s Apple.

Right now there are a lot of devices all trying to lay claim to an HDMI port on your TV and after September 9th Apple will sure to be one more.  Price points for this device are currently rumored to be between $150 – $200 which may be somewhat of a problem for Apple.  The current Apple TV has been sitting at a nice $99 price point but even that compared now to the many “sticks” that the likes of Roku, Google and Amazon have on the market looks pretty high.

This is Apple we are talking about though and if anyone can make TV sexy it’s Apple.  This could be the moment in the spotlight for Apple TV.  Will Tim Cook finally take the hobby to the next level?  We’ll all find out soon enough!

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