Home ArcadeThere is nothing quite like having your own Home Arcade.  It started about two years ago when I got hooked on the MAME emulator.  MAME emulates many classic arcade games from my youth exactly as if you were playing them in the arcade.  Along with the MAME arcade emulator I also came across emulators for most game systems starting with the ATARI 2600, my first game system the Colecovision, the Nintendo systems from the NES to the N64 and the Sega systems from the Master System through the Sega 32X.  While I do actually still have most of these systems in storage (and many games as well) it’s shocking how poorly these systems play on modern HDTVs.  These are systems that were designed for our old square tube TVs not the new high definition widescreen TVs.  Around the time I really started getting all these emulators to work right as well as building collections of games to play I came across Rec Room Masters.

Home ArcadeBuilding my home arcade cabinet with the help of the products from Rec Room Masters made things pretty simple.  I started by purchasing the X-Arcade Tankstick for authentic arcade controls.  The controller I purchased was two player with a trackball.  The arcade cabinet I went with is the  Premium XL Xtension Arcade Cabinet For The X-Arcade Tankstick since it handled a 27 inch monitor and also had a slot for the X-Arcade Coin Door.  From there I used the Dell Inspiron 3847 to run all the emulators and pulled it all together with the Maximus Arcade Frontend.  Maximus Arcade isn’t the flashiest software but it’s relatively simple to use and has some great customization.  After finding sources for box art and sample videos it all came together to make a great presentation.  I worked with Game Room Graphics through Rec Room Masters to add the final graphic touches to the cabinet.  With the amount of games that run on this home arcade system I often challenge people to try and find a game that’s not available!

While the Maximus Arcade software is still usable (and I believe purchasable) I have recently transitioned to using the Launchbox frontend software!  If you’re looking for an authentic arcade experience in the home, this is definitely the way to go!