Google Chrome

I’m Done Browsing, Google Chrome Has Finally Won Me Over.

It only took 8 years but I’m finally settling down with Google Chrome.  2017 is the year I finally push aside all other browsers and focus on the one that now gives me everything I need.  That need is mostly focused on unification across platforms.  It wasn’t long ago however that Chrome was not only last on my list but I often suggested it not even be on the list.

When Google Chrome was released in 2008 it was the new hip browser but early on I often found it to be cumbersome, resource heavy and often the source of many problems friends and others would have.  It was even worse when it started being forced with every new program or app you downloaded.  I didn’t just not like Chrome, I hated it!

I’ve used many browsers going all the way back to Netscape Navigator.  I wasn’t much of an Internet Explorer guy although I did spend a good amount of time with it when Firefox started going from cool to not so great.  The most love I’ve given to a browser was probably Safari, the browser I’d given little attention to until I became an Apple convert.  When you work on Mac, have a Macbook, an iPad, and iPhone and can use the browser on your Windows PC and they all sync together it became like a dream.

I’m Looking for Something in Chrome

Google ChromeTwo years ago however, when I started my most recent job it became apparent I was joining a Google environment.  I got a new email address and it was tied to a Google domain using Google Calendar and I began to use Gmail.  Up to this point I’ve had a Gmail account and used some Google products but not this much.  Once again I refused to use Google Chrome and stuck to my guns using Safari and Internet Explorer.  As time went on though I knew it wasn’t going to work.

Probably more than anything what made me start to change my tune was the ability to have two browsers open with two different accounts.  When you start to manage different work and personal accounts across different social media platforms I really needed the separation and Google Chrome was there to help me.

Now with the Google Chrome app for iOS installed on my iPhone and iPad the transition is complete, and I’m back to having my pages and histories and passwords synced across platforms once again.  I only wish I could make the Chrome browser a default on iOS but that is never going to happen.

Much like me Google Chrome has changed a lot over the years, it’s much less of a resource hog that it once was and the feature set gives me everything that I need and allows me to manage what I don’t.  I’m still not a big fan of Gmail but I’m no longer going on Safaris.  If you’re looking to make a change too, you can start downloading today.