Field Photographer: My Journey taking World of Warcraft SELFIE’s

I have been playing World of Warcraft for the better part of seven years now and during those years I’ve taken some in game photos.  It wasn’t until recently though that I started my journey becoming a World of Warcraft Field Photographer.

One of the biggest reasons I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for this long is because of the design and beauty of the game world.  World of Warcraft is now a  game that is over ten years old but it manages to look as good and sometimes better than many of the games of today.  The biggest the game has been able to keep with the times stems primarily from the artistic design of the world.

Field Photographer
Selfie at the Frozen Throne!

The graphics and images in World of Warcraft that make up the many continents and zones in the game straddle a line between realism and a sort of cartoon realism.  The images would seem right at home in the pages of a comic book or cartoon (and have often showed up there) yet at the same time showcase the world in a way that photo realism could not.  From lush forests to the darkest molten dungeons World of Warcraft now spans four different continents, two planets and two dimensions.  Now more than ever there is a lot to see.

While people have been taking screenshots in Warcraft for many years, myself included, it wasn’t until recently that Blizzard actually gave a reason to travel the world taking screenshots.  Patch 6.1.0 in Warlords of Draenor added the Field Photographer achievement and the S.E.L.F.I.E. camera.  In order to obtain the title “Field Photographer” you were tasked with visiting 43 locations spread throughout the world and talking a SELFIE.

For many people concerned more with running dungeons and gearing up for raids this probably seemed like more of a waste than anything, even for me it seemed like a whole lot of world travel for a title.  Yet after completing the achievement I’ve once again realized the brilliance of the Blizzard game designers.  In a world that is now so big you may often miss things or need a reason to revisit areas you may have not been to in awhile.  Therein lies the beauty of the achievement.

While working on the achievement I visited Ravenholdt Manor which I never even knew existed, looked at many other places with a different view while in Daggercap Bay and once again visited one of the coolest little places which was Turtle Beach.  Each stop along the way I took care to snap the very best shot that I could, all decked out in my Stormwind Armor.

As we now reach the in between expansion lull I encourage you to take time and work on the Field Photographer achievement and earn your title, while you’re out and about don’t forget to save those screenshots (you’ll find them located in your Warcraft directory folder titled screenshots).  You may get a new appreciation for the world that you’ve been playing in for so long and probably find yourself taking many other SELFIE’s along the way.

Here’s a recap of my journey becoming a World of Warcraft Field Photographer!

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