Daytona24When Xbox Live launched in 2002 my video game persona became Daytona24. Since then I’m mostly known as Daytona when playing online with friends.  It’s a persona I use for most of my gaming related social media.

I’ve been gaming since the beginning.  Although I never owned an Atari I was there before Nintendo became a household name gaming on my Colecovision. Colecovision was the “better” version of the Atari of course and that attitude would continue when I purchased the Sega Master System which was the “better” console over the NES.  The NES would of course become the biggest console ever but that choice cemented me as both a Sega and Nintendo fan as the years went on.

Now that I am older I still game, these days I’m gaming mostly on Xbox and PC but I’ve also been getting back into Playstation gaming on my PS4 and PS3.  I enjoy playing indie games on the PC and playing casual fun games with the kids on the XboxOne and WiiU, perhaps even the Switch later this year.  I still long for the days of classic gaming and although I still own all my classic games it’s been the emulator world that allows me to play those classic games on the computer and my home arcade machine.

What I’m Currently Playing:

I decided this year I am going to take a long hard look at the backlog and start to finish some games!  Time will tell if I’m able to complete my goal but you can read up on my plans for 12 games in 12 months if you’d like.  Thus far January through March has been a success as I have finished Gears of War 4, Yoshi’s Wolly World and Uncharted!

Daytona24World of Warcraft Legion

World of Warcraft Legion was released on August 31, 2016 and it’s still taking up a lot of my gaming time.  There is just so much to do in the game.  From raiding with my guild to grinding old raids and content for mounts like Invincible from Icecrown Citadel and world quests and alts the game just offers more thank possible to do.

With patch 7.2 now giving us the Broken Isles to explore and quest in I have taken a break from raiding The Nighthold. I am continuing to work on my Windwalker Monk doing odds and ends I’ve missed along the way questing and continuing to build up my Artifact Power, now that I can fly that’s made things much easier.  I’m still having a blast playing my Panda Windwalker Monk this expansion and I have now started working again on my 110 Demon Hunter and plan to level my Paladin to 110 now as well.

June Game of the Month: Far Cry 3

With 5 games down in my 12 months 12 games goal I’m having a blast playing.  I seem to be developing a theme with the games I’m enjoying as well.  After having some adventures with Tomb Raider and Uncharted I’m heading to the island to finish Far Cry 3.  I have play a good amount of this game already and look forward to finishing it.  It’s the only Far Cry game I’ve played, but after seeing the trailer for Far Cry 5 I am already looking forward to playing that one next!  Along with finishing Far Cry 3 I am looking forward to checking out some games that are part of the new Xbox Game Pass and of course June means E3!

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