colecovision1cI’ve been gaming for a very long time and it really all started with the Colecovision.  At a time when most people were gaming on the Atari 2600 or the Intellivision my first actual home console was the best one of the time.  There were so many great games for the Colecovision and it all started with the game that came boxed in with the system Donkey Kong.
maxresdefault(3)Donkey Kong was the one game I always went to at the arcade and it was the one game that always kicked my butt.  While the home version was quite different from the arcade version the day would finally come when I kicked it’s butt the day I flipped the score back to 0, essentially scoring over 1 million points.  So many other great games like Zaxxon, Cosmic Avenger, Lady Bug, Donkey Kong Junior, they all took up way too much of my time back then.

Mastersystem BOXNot to be outdone by getting the best console of that generation when it came time to upgrade although I initially wanted the Nintendo Entertainment System that everyone else had, I eventually got the Sega Master System.  Most people today that played both system back then will finally agree that yes in fact the Master System was technically better than the NES there wasn’t much argument back in the day and it was mostly because if you were arguing it was usually you against everyone else.  Not many people had at Master System and often if you did find someone who did you almost became immediate friends!  The Master System had such a classy design, a more solid look and feel than the NES (and you never had to blow on the cartridges) and even the games came in solid plastic cases that held the cartridge and game book nicely inside.  These days most NES cartridges you find barely still have the black plastic sleeve they once were held in, but you’ll often still find great condition Master System games and cases.  Sega Master System games looked better and Sega had a great library of arcade titles at the time to pool from but ultimately Nintendo had too much 3rd party support at a time when exclusive meant something and that really showed on the Master System.  Despite Nintendo’s extreme install base and popular plumber and other characters Sega still had power and eventually that power would shine in it’s follow up system.  The Sega Genesis.

18hfad5w0mu08jpgThe Sega Genesis was the system that started to bring the Sega and Nintendo fans together.  The Genesis also allowed Sega to continue to bring home their arcade hits and they started with a bang including Altered Beast as the pack in game.  Many of the Genesis best games still make the rounds as compilations today and a lot of them can be found as digital downloads on Xbox Live.  Eventually the Super Nintendo Entertainment System would join the fold and introduce some of the best games of the 2D pixel generation.  The 16 Bit Generation even today is probably still the greatest era and many of the games from both these systems have become classics that are still very popular and playable today.

Beyond the 16 bit era games started to become more complex and began to pave the way for the games we have today.  Sadly games from the Sony Playstation and the Nintendo 64 are the ones that suffer the most on today’s newer televisions.  Although they can see much improvement if you happen to play them through computer emulation.  The Sega Dreamcast is still one of the greatest gaming systems of all time and it has one of the best libraries of the later generations as well.  The Dreamcast was Sega’s last entry in the console wars and its demise was too soon.  The Dreamcast for me also more or less marks the end of the “Classic Gaming” generation for me.  The Playstation 2, Xbox and Wii are still a bit too new to be considered “Classic Gaming”.

We’re in a generation of gaming today that is very unique.  We have some of the greatest graphics, game play and story telling ever; yet so many of today’s best games take game play and even graphic design from the games of yesterday.  Although there is still nothing like playing those old classic games!