Marvel Cinematic Universe

Civil War Hits the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In 2008 the Marvel not only took a chance on an Iron Man movie but also on an entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.  The gamble to put together an entire universe spread across multiple films, many years and including many high paid actors and actresses seemed near impossible, maybe even for The Avengers.  That gamble has clearly paid off, to date the franchise has brought in $9,277,294,995 but more importantly has created one of the greatest cinematic universes ever.  A universe that has not only introduced Iron Man to a broader audience but also the likes of Ant-Man, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Jessica Jones, Black Panther and soon Doctor Strange.

Marvel Cinematic UniverseMarvel’s latest entry into the series adapts one of it’s greatest comic book stories, Civil War.  The plot in the comics follows a story line in which the U.S. government passes a Superhero Registration Act ostensibly designed to have super powered individuals act under official regulation, somewhat akin to law enforcement. However, superheroes opposed to the act, led by Captain America, find themselves in conflict with those supporting the act, led by Iron Man, with Spider-Man caught in the middle.  In the movie universe Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explained that since superhero secret identities do not exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film will be more about world governments demanding accountability and oversight of superheroes instead of that they reveal their true identity to the authorities.

As cool as the Avengers movies have been Civil War somehow manages to trump both of them.  There are twelve super heroes in Civil War, that’s one more than Age of Ultron and twice as many as there was in the first Avengers movie.  It all really works too.  In the Avengers movies they were fighting against some greater evil but in Civil War they are fighting against each other. Unlike in Batman vs Superman this fight isn’t quickly brought to friendship via a we have the same mother’s name wrap-up either.  It is really hard to take sides with these guys as well.  You feel in you’re heart that Captain America is in the right but Tony Stark is so much cooler.  Despite the fact that there are twelve heroes in the film each one gets about the right amount of screen time and the movie moves along at a good pace.  One character that got added later but also get a good amount of time on screen is of course Spider-Man.  Third time really is a charm in getting Spider-Man right.  I absolutely loved Spider-Man in this movie and can’t wait for the standalone movie Homecoming which is scheduled for July 7, 2017.

Marvel Cinematic UniverseCaptain America: Civil War sets up what is phase three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Phase three will be one of the most interesting yet since it mixes the most amount of new and not very popular characters in leading films such as Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel along with more Guardians of the Galaxy, a new Spider-Man movie and the biggest Avengers movie to date which will be split up into two movies and end phase three.  Because of this Civil War has the biggest weight on it’s shoulders.

Thankfully the movie handles that weight well and really does get you excited about the future of phase three.  By the end of phase three we will have had three movies from Iron Man, Captain America and Thor and it’s going to be time to start seeing more from the newer heroes like Ant-Man, Black Panther and more.  Sadly there is one hero in The Hulk that we have not seen more of in standalone movies but maybe as we reach phase four that may change.  Until then I am very excited for the upcoming movies!  Marvel Cinematic Universe phase three ends on May 3rd, 2019.