How I Learned to Stop Being a Collector and to Start Enjoying my Collection

I’m a collector, a visit to my toy room is all it takes to see that.  I’m a collector of toys, movies, books and comic books, games and video games.  As a collector though I often lose out on much of the enjoyment of the exact things I’m collecting.  As a child I played with … Read more

Healthcare: The Struggle of Health and Wealth

There is something to be said of living a life of ignorance, as long as your world is chugging along who really cares what happens to the rest of it.  I am guilty of living a life of ignorance for a long time, for many years there really wasn’t much to bother with.  It’s now been a year since I made my little life changing decision and I’m even coming up on a year working at one of the two jobs that I started afterwards.  During that year and the struggles that came with it a lot of the things that I didn’t care much for in the past were things that started bugging me in the present.  One of the biggest things that really bothered me was healthcare and the lack of real good healthcare options

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Charting my Championship Season Repeat in Fantasy Football!

If there are two things for me that go together like peanut butter and jelly it’s fall and football season!  As I write this we are a mere 4 days away from the 2015 Fantasy Football draft, an important draft because I enter as defending champion!

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Born to be Wild! Your Motorcycle and You.

Growing up I wasn’t interested in motorcycles outside of pretending my bicycle was one after watching Grease 2.  When I turned 38 my father mentioned he was going to take the motorcycle training course offered locally.  When I found out that it was relatively cheap (only the cost of a motorcycle permit) and they gave you both a helmet and motorcycle to use I decided to go with him.  What I found out after that first day riding around on a 250cc motorcycle in a parking lot was that not only was I pretty good at riding, but I really enjoyed it.

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The Best Birthday Present Ever!

As I mentioned in my “This is 40” post there were other things that happened on the day of my birthday.  One of those things was the announcement of the North Scranton 9-10 year old All-Stars, and my son made the team.  Last year during a fantastic Pony League season we went to a few All-Star games and at that point he decided that the next year (his first eligible year) he wanted to be an all-star, so that was the goal since before this season began.  As a kid I didn’t excel in sports, I enjoyed them but I hated practicing.  My son isn’t like that at all thankfully and he spent the winter months in camps at The Sandlot to help improve his game and keep practicing because he loved playing.

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