Alexa “Play Apple Music”, A Day I Never Thought Possible Arrives

Very soon I will be able to utter the most exciting words Alexa “Play Apple Music”  It was a long road but we’re finally almost there!

Not that long ago many of us got most of our music via the Internet, just not exactly how most companies would have liked us too.  It was Apple back in 2009 that finally decided to remove DRM from songs purchased on the iTunes store.  That was the first step to combating music piracy.  Steve Jobs knew that people just wanted to be able to get their music easily and use it anywhere.

The Music Starts Streaming

In 2011 Spotify launched in the US and once again changed the music landscape.  With a monthly subscription users could log on to the service and play any song or album they wanted.  In the following years music piracy would continue to fall, and music services would come from everyone.

Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Tidal, Deezer, iHeart Radio and Pandora all burst on the scene with music subscriptions.  However it was Apple once again changing the landscape in 2015 with Apple Music.  Apple Music was integrated well with iOS and the iTunes PC software and even included Siri.  The best part of Apple Music was iTunes Match, which allowed you to add songs from your personal collection not available on iTunes.  The ability at the time to add artists like Garth Brooks, AC/DC and Def Leopard who weren’t on any services was huge.  It also helped that Apple Music had The Beatles.

The Biggest Music Duet Ever

Alexa "Play Apple Music"There was one benefit that Apple Music was lacking though and that was inclusion on Alexa.  Amazon Echo owners could stream from Amazon Music, Spotify and others but not Apple Music.  To be honest I never thought it was even possible to think that Apple Music would be available on the Amazon Echo.  Yet here were are with Friday’s big announcement, on December 17th Apple Music arrives on Amazon Echo.  It’s like Christmas comes early this year!

I would have honestly loved to have been in the meeting where that first person made the suggestion.  Who was smart, no brave, enough to realize that getting Apple Music on the Amazon Echo was going to help both companies.  We have at least four Echo’s in our home and I’m excited to add the car version as soon it’s available.  I am never getting an Apple Home Pod.

The Amazon Echo and Alexa have literally taken over my home.  Alexa controls everything, our TV’s, DirecTV, Xbox, Plex, our lights, the list goes on and on.  One thing that was really lacking was music.  I knew Apple Music had all my playlists and songs, I hated using Amazon’s limited basic music streaming or my forgotten Spotify account.

I am simply giddy with excitement and anticipation for this to launch on December 17th!