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2 Guys TechMy involvement with technology stemmed mostly from impatience. It started out early when I had my first video game systems and Radio Shack computer.  There was a need to have these systems hooked up to the television sets and when changing from one TV to another I was often impatient to wait for my father to do it, so I learned how to do it myself.  Later I would learn how to set up my component stereo (which was a much larger stereo than I had planned to purchase) and then finally when I got my first computer before even seeing a C: at the time I had to replace the processor of the computer which meant removing and replacing every component (because there was no way I was sending it back and waiting over 2 weeks to have it repaired).  From that point on it’s been a gradual comfort with computers and home theater equipment and having fun playing with all kinds of technology gadgets.

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What I Use/ Hardware (July 2017):

Currently in my home personal life I’m using a multitude of different devices and services, both old and new.  Here is a breakdown of what I’m currently using.

Thor - PC CaseA Dell Inspiron 3847 that currently runs my Home Arcade machine.  This machine recently upgraded to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.  The machine runs a collection of emulators and the Maximus Arcade Frontend software.  This machine is now my new home server as well since my Inspiron 570 has been taken offline due to issues not worth fixing.

My Gaming Machine which I dub “Thor” (because that’s the name of the case) is a custom built machine.  The specs on this system include a GeForce GTX 770 graphics card, an Intel Core i7-4771 CPU @ 3.5GHz with 8 GB Ram and it’s running Windows 10.

I’m an Apple user when it comes to mobile devices and I’m now using an iPhone 7 Plus, an Apple Sport Watch, and an iPad Pro 9.7 inch.

Xbox_One_HP_Image_1Gaming and media in our home is mostly controlled and enjoyed on an Xbox 360 or our Xbox One w/ Kinect.  The Xbox is the most widely used gaming system in our home but I do like to play with and on a variety of different devices to keep up with different technology (and have fun).  I currently also game on a PS4 which I received as a Christmas present this past year!



What I Use/ Software (July 2017):

Because of my interest in computers and software and apps I probably use more types of software and apps than the average home user.  Most people probably use one of certain type of service where I am most likely using two or three or more.  What I’m listing here though are my go to services and the ones I would personally recommend if given only one choice.

I use Office 365 for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations.

When it comes to design I’ve begun using Canva.

My blog is designed with WordPress and hosted on GoDaddy.com.

My web browsing is handled with Google Chrome.

Social media planning is done using Hootsuite.

I check most of my mail on my iPhone with the iOS Mail app, however I have begun using the new Outlook app for my Hotmail.

Although I use more than a few I prefer Dropbox to handle my online backups and pay for the 1TB of storage a month.

I listen to my podcasts using Apple Podcasts.

Google Photos may be free and really cool but as an iPhone user I love Apple Photos for taking and managing my photos.

I binge watch using Netflix.

I never thought I’d move away from Spotify but Apple Music has won me over for all my music listening needs.

If you are in to emulators as much as I am Launchbox is an amazing arcade and gaming console front end.  I’ve used Maximus Arcade for a few years but Launchbox is my new go to program.